Chat With Strangers In India

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Chat With Strangers In India


  • Strangers is 2007 Hindi movie directed by Anand Rai and starring Jimmy Shergill, Kay Kay Menon, Nandana Sen, Sonali Kulkarni. It is an adaption of the 1951 Hitchcock movie Strangers on a Train.
  • A person who does not know, or is not known in, a particular place or community
  • A person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar
  • (stranger) anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
  • (stranger) an individual that one is not acquainted with
  • A person entirely unaccustomed to (a feeling, experience, or situation)

    in india

  • burgers are served on the flat traditional local Naan bread.


  • Talk in a friendly and informal way
  • an informal conversation
  • chew the fat: talk socially without exchanging too much information; “the men were sitting in the cafe and shooting the breeze”
  • New World chat: birds having a chattering call

chat with strangers in india


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